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Well, after a long hiatus, and well, lack of a creative muse, I'm back!

I'll be starting my second year of college, in web design and development.

I plan to add more stuff to this account, plus some wallpapers I've made.

Look for stuff in the future! ; )

Anyways, I appreciate all the favs/ comments/ watches! Keep them coming! <3
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Guess who's in college now. = P

Yup, me. xD

I am taking a web design/ development course.

College is really a love/hate thing for me. I can't decide if I am enjoying it or finding it crappy lol.

I'm *trying* to make new friends but it's not going so well. Everyone I meet I never see or hear from again.

As for the resources side, I'll hopefully get back into making stuff.

I have a Photoshop course this semester I am really excited for. and English and Math that I am dreading.

Wish me luck in college ; )

and keep the nice comments/ favs/ watches coming.
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I'm back, finally done high school! :heart:

I hope to upload some new stuff soon.

I got a macbook pro as a grad present. <3
I'm busy transferring files from my old PC to here so sorry for any delay.

I do have a new texture set coming up though.

Keep the favs/ comments/ watches coming!

I :heart: you guys. ^^